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Welcome as a performer at the Oslo Ukulele Festival 21st to 23rd June 2019. We are very happy that you are interested in our festival. Our only criteria for performers is that the ukulele is part of every song performed and that it has a clear presence in the sound of your performance.

At the festival of 2018 we were so fortunate that all artists who signed up were given an opportunity to perform. We cannot guarantee that for 2019. In the case of too many entries, the festival committee will select from the applicants.

Before you fill in the application form, you may want to find 2-3 high resolution, square photos of your act. Also, have link(s) to video or audio ready, and we prefer that the recordings are from live performances. Additionally, you will be asked for a presentation of your act.

If you have questions regarding the application form, please send an e-mail to There is also a field for comments at the end of of the form.

All applications are due 28th February 2019.

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Presentation of the band - this will be used in the marketing of the festival

Photos for marketing (high resolution, square and min. 2 photos):
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We would like to hear how you sound and what your act looks like on stage. Videos from live performances will give us a good indicator of your stage presence and act, so please provide these below. They will only be used by the festival committee in our selection process and will not be shared publicly. We recommend sharing using YouTube, where you can upload videos and mark them “unlisted”, so that they are only visible to those who have the link. SoundCloud is a good option for audio files.

Link to video and/or audio file(s):


It is our intention to pay professional acts a fee for performing at the festival. To enable us to do so, we are applying for cultural subsidies. At this point in time we have still not been granted any support, but we are hopeful and continue to try.


Friday 21st JuneSaturday 22nd JuneBoth dates

As an amateur act the Oslo Ukulele Festival gives you the opportunity to perform on stage with professional sound and an engaged audience. Due to a limited budget, unfortunately we cannot cover travel expenses or pay a fee.


Fredag 21. juniLørdag 22. juniKan spille begge dager

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Copyright 2019 © Osloukulelefestival