We are so grateful for our sponsors who contribute with high quality prizes to our festival lottery. 🙂

The prizes in the lottery are:

  • Ohana tenor ukulele (TK-20), incl. Bag. Value 2495 NOK. Given by the Norwegian Guitar Center.
  • Morgan concert ukulele (UK C 250 S N), including bag. Value 1494 NOK. Given by Morgan Instrument Norway.
  • Reno konsert ukulele (RU370). Value 795 NOK.
  • Gift certificate of 1.5 hours for 3 people. Value 750 NOK. Given by Fangene på fortet.
  • Surprise Package. Unknown value. Given by Nydalen Blomster.

A ticket costs 25 NOK, and you can buy as many tickets as you want!

“Vipps” to: Oslo Ukulelefestival # 532330 (Mark the payment «LODD») or buy tickets in the info-stand during the festival.

The winners will be announced from the stage on Saturday night (June 22). The raffle will close at Saturday evening 19:20, and the winners will be announced at 19:50. If you are not present we will contact you, and the prize can be collected in the info tent (till Sunday).

All revenue from the lottery goes directly to the festival!

Ohana tenor ukulele

Morgan concert ukulele

Reno konsert ukulele

Gift certificate

Suprise from Nydalen Blomster

Raffle sponsors

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