Scales (Skalaer, musikk og følelser)

In this workshop we will work with understanding how musical scales are connected to the ‘ukulele both technically and emotionally. We will go through the difference of major and minor, the pentatonic scales and the church modalities. We will play a lot together and Tobias will show you how to use each scale with its the corresponding chords. Every level is very welcome to join.

The workshop will be taught in English and/or Danish.
23.06.2018, kl. 13:00-14:00

About Tobias Elof:
With 20+ years of performing and composing on the ‘ukulele, a bachelor degree in traditional folk music from Denmark’s prestigious folk music academy, nominations in two Danish Music awards, and tours across Europe and Asia with sell out shows in Copenhagen, Taipei and Beijing, the music of Tobias Elof is transcendent. Drawing from his Nordic roots, Elof’s grounded and intimate compositions are soothing and attract images of serenity. Described as the music of nature, Elof inspires to oppose the noise, encouraging listeners to feel a tranquil state of mind. A unique live performer Tobias Elof has performed at venues and festivals in places such as Sweden, the UK, Estonia and Hawaii and has shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest ‘ukulele icons – including the Hawaiian legend Kimo Hussey and Canadian James Hill.

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