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Have you been playing the same strumming pattern for a while? Are you hesitant to get into picking patterns?

This workshop will show you how to spice up your strumming with some percussion and will teach you picking patterns you can use for your favourite songs. You’ll get some tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to play in general and we will also talk about practicing techniques to reach your goals.


Elisabeth Pfeiffer is a solo ukulele player with a strong background in classical guitar. She studied at Lawrence University in the USA and HfM Würzburg, Germany, majoring in classical guitar. 2013 she took up a ukulele and never looked back. Since, she has written three method books on strumming and picking techniques and fretting concepts. On stage she mostly performs solo pieces, but throws in the occasional song, always looking to add something personal to a piece or a song. Her repertoire ranges from Renaissance music to Jazz and Rock covers, as well as contemporary classical music.

Søndag 17. juni, kl 15:15-16:15.  


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